Domain Registration

We offer domain registration services all over the World. Our website domain registration services in Dar es salaam, Tanzania enable clients to obtain the desired domain extension pertaining to their business vertical so that a specific internet protocol is identified against a set of web pages or a specific URL.

Our domain registration services are safe, secure, affordable, and customizable. We offer domain names that are unique, lend credibility to your brand, and can be used to generalize your presence in the industry vertical that your business belongs to. Only for a registered company or business entity as defined under national laws. Only for none profit-making organizations. Only for formal Tanzania Governmental entities. Only for formal tertiary academic or technical institutions with relevant accreditation. Only for addressing the network of people and hardware. For Tanzania Military entities recognized by the Ministry responsible for Defense; Only for schools that are elementary, primary, and secondary level institutions.

We guarantee quick and easy domain solutions

  • Com
  • Net
  • Org
  • Info

With a vast menu of domain names to choose from we offer our clientele the freedom to build websites that are akin to their objectives of a business, societal, educational, and or not-for-profit functions.

In other words we offer a foundation on which a website can be built. We offer high-quality domain names that offer business value propositions and enable client firms to harness and realize brand-building potential on the internet.

Being a complete digital marketing company that offers SEO optimization services we enable our clients to choose the domain name that is in sync with SEO guidelines of major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Why Choose Us for Domain Name Registration?

The name that you choose for your website is more than a name. It makes ample good sense to be Shakespeare inspired in asking “What is in a name?” The answer is that the domain name reflects the expectations of the users and must justify the brand appeal, the inclusion of relevant keywords for SEO considerations, represent industry aspirations, and above all be unique. This is why we are here. 

Domain Registration